New Orleans-based artist and general weirdo, specializing in pet portraits.
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Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for pet portraits and more by New Orleans artist Melissa Vandiver.

Gift Certificate for a Fancy Beast Pet Portrait

Gift Certificate for a Fancy Beast Pet Portrait

from 345.00

A physical, good old-fashioned, snail-mailed gift certificate. Perfect if you know someone who'd love one of my paintings but you can't access photos of their pet, or don't want to make the decisions about the painting. Plus, they look snappy, printed on high quality cardstock and tucked into a shiny gold envelope.

Please allow 3 business days for the gift certificate to be mailed. If you can't handle that, try an e-gift instead!

If you'd like to purchase it for a different amount not listed here, please contact me directly - we'll make it happen!

To learn more about Fancy Beast pet portraits, click here.

Please note: not all sizes are available for multiple pets!

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Take note that not all sizes can accommodate multiple pets. Upon starting the piece, the artist may determine that a canvas of different proportions is better suited to the theme or the shape of the pets. In that case, she will notify the recipient, and choose a size that has roughly the same amount of square inch coverage as the purchased size, and the price will remain the same.

Tax is charged on the gift certificate, but will not be charged to the recipient of your gift.