New Orleans-based artist and general weirdo, specializing in pet portraits.
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Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for pet portraits and more by New Orleans artist Melissa Vandiver.

Gift Certificate (By Amount)

Gift Certificate (By Amount)

from 50.00

A physical, good old-fashioned, snail-mailed gift certificate. Perfect if you know someone who'd love one of my paintings but you don’t want to arrange the whole thing. Fancy Beast Pet Portraits start at about $345, but the amount can be used toward any service or product of mine, including house portraits, “nude” pet portraits (aka regular non-clothed portraits), human portraits, and various custom work.

To get a gift certificate specifically for a pet portrait, click here! If you’d like an amount you don’t see here, contact me directly.

Please allow 3 business days for the gift certificate to be mailed. If you can't handle that, try an e-gift instead!

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