New Orleans-based artist and general weirdo, specializing in pet portraits.
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About The Mermaids of New Orleans

About the children’s book The Mermaids of New Orleans, written by Sally Asher and illustrated by Melissa Vandiver.

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The Mermaids of New Orleans

With author Sally Asher and University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press, The Mermaids of New Orleans - the first children’s book I’ve illustrated.

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The Mermaids of New Orleans tells the story of the mermaids who reside in the Mississippi River, surrounding the Big Easy.  These citizens of the sea are much like their land counterparts, culturally and ethnically. Many New Orleans mermaids play in bass bands, eat roeballs in the summer, live in narrow trident houses, and have their own parades (with floats that really float!). And true to mermaid lore, the mermaids are allowed on land one day a year. New Orleans mermaids, of course, choose Mardi Gras, where they can blend in with the vibrant and decorative costumes.