New Orleans-based artist and general weirdo, specializing in pet portraits.


about the artist

Melissa Vandiver is a New Orleans-based artist specializing in painting, both acrylic and watercolor. Her artistic mission is simple: to create images that evoke joy. She displays the things we see everyday through an altered lens.

Melissa grew up in South Carolina, and has been drawing and painting since she can remember. In an attempt to do something practical with her life, studied architecture in school. Upon graduating college, she moved to New Orleans for what was supposed to be a short, two month trip and turned out to be ten years (and counting). Like so many before her and so many to come, New Orleans gripped her. Electrified by the vibrancy and culture of the city, she continues to to draw inspiration from it.

She is best known for her Fancy Beasts, a series of custom pet portraits.

When not drawing and painting, Melissa is glittering, hot gluing, and papier mâchéing, working on costumes, floats, and other general fun.