New Orleans-based artist and general weirdo, specializing in pet portraits.
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A behind-the-scenes look at the budding career of a real weirdo.

Mantras: Maintaining Confidence in a Self-Hate Spiral

I suffer from Impostor Syndrome - the idea that one's success is not earned based on talent and hard work, but based on luck, and said person could be exposed as a fraud at any moment. So I have crept around like a cat burglar at every job waiting for the moment when they figure it out. No matter my training, experience, and performance; somehow I always felt like I was hiding.

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an artist is (re-)born!

This month, my journey begins as a full-time professional artist - more specifically, a pet portrait artist. In what I hope was not my most irresponsible decision ever, I quit my job, threw caution to the wind, and decided to follow my dreams!

It sounds so heroic when I write it out like that. In truth, it was ugly. It looked like many months of planning and saving and self-doubt. It looked like daily rides on an emotional roller-coaster. It looked like asking my husband every four days if he resents me for this. Shout out to Jeff for his unwavering support (now and always), and for giving me the courage to take this leap.

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